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Dr Mark Haber, Shoulder Surgeon Sydney

Meet Dr Haber

Clinical Associate Professor Mark Haber is a renowned Sydney shoulder surgeon and leading Australian orthopaedic specialist.

Experienced and highly skilled, Dr Haber uses the latest shoulder arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) techniques to address shoulder pain and rotator cuff tears. He has performed over 2000 shoulder arthroscopies during his career and continues to pioneer advanced techniques to improve surgical outcomes and reduce recovery times.

Dr Haber is honoured to have been the first surgeon in Australia to perform a computer assisted shoulder surgery in January 2017.  He is renowned among his peers and is a recognised pioneer of shoulder surgery, teaching advanced arthroscopic shoulder techniques to surgeons across Australia, Asia and Europe. Dr Haber’s groundbreaking shoulder surgeries have been covered extensively by the news media including The Leader, Illawarra Mercury and nationally on Channel 9 News.

Bulk-Billed Telehealth Consultations (Via Video/Phone)
Now Available

To help reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID-19 and provide protection for patients and clinic staff, Dr Haber is pleased to now be able to offer his expertise as a specialist shoulder surgeon via Telehealth consultations. Telehealth shoulder consultations are provided by Dr Haber via phone and/or video conferencing (online).

For a temporary period (currently until 30 September 2020, as stipulated by Medicare), patients across Australia may now receive Telehealth consultations with Dr Haber through Medicare’s bulk-billing scheme. Medicare patients first require a GP referral to Dr Haber before the consultation is provided, with many GPs currently also positioned to provide such referrals following a video/phone consultation.

International patients may continue to consult with Dr Haber as a private patient including via online video conferencing.

While elective surgeries are currently unavailable across Australia as a result of COVID-19, Dr Haber continues to see patients at his clinics while observing all government-mandated social distancing precautions.

To book a Telehealth specialist shoulder appointment with Dr Haber, please click here or call 1300 747 077.

Consultation Locations

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COVID-19 Announcement: While Dr Haber continues to see patients at his clinics, consultations are now also available via phone and/or video (online).