New Patients

Dr. Haber consults at:


Things you will need to bring to your initial appointment

  • Your referral letter from your GP
  • Medicare and Health Fund Card (if Private Patient)
  • Veteran Affairs Card (if Veteran Affairs Card Holder)
  • Your Workers Compensation Details (if Workers Compensation)
  • Your Pension/Health Care Card (if on Social Security benefits)
  • A list of current medications from your GP
  • All your relevant inventions such as x-rays, MRI and ultrasounds
  • Appropriate wear to allow easy examination of your shoulder,arm leg etc. It is a good idea to wear a singlet for a shoulder condition requiring assessment or shorts if you have a knee condition.
  • Pre-payment as advised at time of making appointment.
  • Proof of workers compensation approval is required on the day of consultation or Workers
  • compensation charges apply at the time of consultation.


Please complete in full the information form when you register on your first visit. This allows us to correctly submit your insurance forms for you. We are very concerned about the rising cost of medical care and we try very hard to avoid unnecessary tests and procedures whenever safe to do so.

To assist our elderly patients further, we do offer discounts to pensioners.

To keep billing costs and our fees as low as possible we ask that you pay for office services at the time of service (Visa/MC accepted). Responsibility for payment is the patient’s, and payment arrangements, where necessary, must be made between our office and the patient.

We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have, or give you any possible assistance in this area.

Shoulder surgeon Sydney Dr Mark Haber showing shoulder ultrasound