Practice Manager

Ali joined the practice in 1999 and has a great deal of experience as an Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Secretary having worked in the industry for a number of years.  She became the Practice Manager of Southern Orthopaedics in 2010 following working as the medical typist for 11 years.

Ali also deals with the Medico Legal aspects in the practice and co-ordinates appointments, typing and billing of all Medico Legal Reports.

Registered Nurse

Jane is one of two registered nurse in the practice.  She is in charge of surgical bookings within the practice and ensures patients have been quoted and booked in for the procedure. Jane assists Dr Haber in theatre at Figtree Private Hospital and also ensures patient’s transition from hospital to home is arranged and organizes the first follow-up appointment.  Jane also liaises with the health funds and insurance companies to ensure patients surgery is organised prior to surgery.

Registered Nurse

Teresa is the other registered nurse in the practice.  She takes the patient in to Dr Haber, goes through their history and tests their shoulder score.  If the patient requires surgery, she explains the whole surgical process including what will happen in the hospital and post operatively.  Teresa assists Dr Haber in theatre at the Wollongong Day Surgery.

Dr. Steven Ng

Dr. Ng has increased his consultation time here at Southern Orthopaedics. Dr. Ng has been authorised by WorkCover as an Injury Management Consultant as set out in the present Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Legislation.

Dr. Ng is happy to hear feedback on the new WorkCover certificate, please fax your concern or problem to Fax No: 02 4226 6765. Dr. Ng is also available for Medico Legal Consultancy by appointment.

PHONE: 02 4229 5992
FAX: 02 4226 6765

Medical Secretary/Typist

Peta joined the practice in 2012 and predominantly types and prepares the surgical reports to the referring doctors and relevant insurance companies.  She also helps out on Reception.

Medical Receptionist

Danielle is Dr Haber’s receptionist at Southern Orthopaedics. Danielle joined us in 2010 and she keeps everything running smoothly during Dr Haber’s busy consultation and ultarsound clinics.

Dr Anthony Leong’s Medical Secretary and Receptionist

Kylie is Dr Leong’s receptionist and medical secretary covering all aspects of his practice including serving patients, typing the reports, quoting and booking them in for surgery.

Dr Steven Ng’s Medical Secretary and Receptionist

Kerry is Dr Ng’s receptionist and medical sectretary.

Book Keeper/Secretary

Cate has been working here at the practice since 2008 and deals with all aspects of book keeping as well as helping out on the phone.