Industry Leading Shoulder Surgeon Sydney

Industry Leading Shoulder Surgeon Sydney

Unfortunately torn rotator cuffs are not uncommon in people over the age of 40, especially if their job involves repetitive movements of their arms over their head. As we age our tendons just start to wear down, they become abnormally loose and eventually tear. The problem is that a torn rotator cuff will often start out as mildly unpleasant and gradually get much worse, so people don’t get the care that they need right away because they don’t even realize there is a serious problem. Fortunately there are fairly obvious symptoms to watch out for that can indicate a tear, such as weakness in your arm or shoulder, or pain when you try to complete trivial activities. If you experience any of these symptoms, make your appointment with Southern Orthopaedics right away. We are proud to say that we have an industry leading shoulder surgeon in Sydney, and we are happy to help.

Our talented doctor, Dr. Mark Haber, is Syney’s premier orthopaedic surgeon and he is recognized all over the world for his advanced techniques. His own personal techniques have been adopted all over the world, and he has become a leader in arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs. When you choose to trust us with your rotator cuff tear, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands possible. We are proud to say that we maintain a high level of care in everything we do, and we legitimately care for you and your well being. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, put your trust in our talented surgeon and make your appointment with us today.

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