Turn to Our Shoulder Specialist in Sydney

Turn to Our Shoulder Specialist in Sydney

Surgery is not what it used to be. The medical field is constantly changing and evolving. When you are looking for a shoulder specialist in Sydney, make sure that you choose someone who can evolve with it. At Southern Orthopaedics, we believe that we have that surgeon. Our shoulder specialist, Dr. Mark Haber, has conducted over 2,000 shoulder surgeries and he has engineered an innovative technique that is used all over the world. No one wants to go into surgery unsure of what lies ahead, you can make sure that you are in experienced hands when you rely on our shoulder specialist.

Shoulder surgery, just like any other surgery, always involves risk and it is never something that you should go into lightly. It is important to research the available surgeons and understand what the surgery entails. Our goal is to help our patients to be informed about their upcoming surgery, and in order to do that we have provided a wealth of information for you to read over on our website. You can learn about common shoulder conditions, how to prepare for your surgery, the surgery itself, what  to expect after your surgery, and so much more.

Surgery is a big deal, and it is our experience that our patients want to know exactly what they are getting into. Our website is an excellent resource when you want to know more about shoulder surgery and our orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney. If you have been referred by your physician, check out our website to learn more today.

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