Recovery From Your Arthroscopic Surgery From Your Shoulder Surgeon in Sydney

Recovery From Your Arthroscopic Surgery From Your Shoulder Surgeon in Sydney

In our previous blogs we have discussed arthroscopic techniques for shoulder surgery, and how they have allowed for better results and shorter recovery times, but the surgery itself is just one piece of the puzzle. If you don’t take proper care of yourself during the recovery period, you could end up hurting yourself even worse than the original injury. Our shoulder surgeon in Sydney can give you the surgery that you need, but your recovery is completely up to you. There are essentially two principles to keep in mind for your initial recovery period –protecting your repair and preventing stiffness.

The best way to protect your repair is by not actively using your shoulder; in other words you should avoid lifting your arm away from your body under it’s own power. In most cases you are able to type or write, but it is important to note that your arm needs to be supported while doing these activities. Your nurse will give you instructions on how to bathe and change your clothes while protecting your repair.

You are probably wondering how you could possibly prevent stiffness if you can’t move your arm; although it’s true that you shouldn’t actively move your arm, you can passively move it. This means that you can gently move your shoulder, as long as you’re not using that shoulder to power the movements. We will show you a few simple exercises that can meet these requirements during your initial appointment.

Protecting your repair and preventing stiffness are two incredibly important things to keep in mind while in your initial recovery period. For more information about what to expect during your recovery click here.

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